Governor Desantis signed several bills in South Florida, includes money to preserve Freedom Tower

Governor Ron Desantis visited South Florida to sign several bills into law likely supporting Cuban-Americans.

The Freedom Tower is a landmark for the Cuban refugees which is where Governor Desantis stopped to sign several pieces of legislation, Monday morning.

One of the bills signed will require Florida high school students to learn about infamous communist regimes and the suffering people endured in these countries.

The governor also noted $25 million for restoring and preserving Miami’s Freedom Tower.

At the press conference, Governor Desantis mentioned drawing a line between censorship under communism and recent actions by the Biden administration.

“We’ve gotta be willing to speak out when we see things that aren’t consistent with our values in our own country and most recently having the federal government set up a disinformation bureau in the Department of Homeland Security is wrong,” said Governor Desantis, “What they are doing to try to stifle dissent, to try to elevate a chosen political narrative that’s endorsed by the regime and to try to marginalize dissenters is not what a free society is all about.”

Florida has not finalized a budget for the preservation of the Freedom Tower but the legislature and the governor promised to deliver the $25 million to the state.

Other bills signed into law are believed to be going into effect over the summer.

Governor Desantis left without commenting to the press.