2 Young Girls Lied About Being Abducted In Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia Police Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police confirm to Eyewitness News two girls were not abducted in Strawberry Mansion on Monday night, as police initially reported.

CBS3 is told the girls, ages 11 and 12, lied about being kidnapped and then escaping.

The initial report stated the girls were pulled into the back of a white van and after striking someone inside the van, the girls said they were let out at 30th and Norris Streets.

They told police they made a disturbing discovery in the van.

“They told us there was a little boy in the back of that van who had duct tape covering his mouth, and he was very upset. So that’s why we’re still actively looking for this white van,” Philadelphia Police Chief Insp. Scott Small said.

Police sources say detectives did not believe there was a boy in the van that the girls described as having duct tape around his mouth.

Officers say they noticed inconsistencies in the statements from the girls before ultimately confirming there was no abduction.