Enjoy Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale one more time before doors close for a while, last day May 12

Saying goodbye is hard, even if it’s only for a little while.

An iconic SoFlo restaurant is closing this week and getting a big-time make-over, but you can still hit it up for one last supper.

Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale has been dishing out Italian favorites for a lo-o-o-ng time.

Anthony Bruno: “We opened up 1982, my father and I, so we’ve been here 40 years.”

It’s been a go-to spot for some pretty big names over the years, Dan Marino, Don Shula and The Rock.

They’ve all filled their bellies here for one good reason.

Anthony Bruno: “It’s a great restaurant with a great hospitality vibe and great food.”

Who wouldn’t feel right at home with dishes inspired from the old country?

Anthony Bruno: “The meatballs, the bracciole linguini and clam sauce, the stuffed artichokes. We don’t try to be everything Italian. We try to be, again, what we know growing up from Italian food.”

After four decades, the place is still packed every night.

So why did Anthony and his partners decide to hit the pause button and give the joint a face-lift?

Pat Marzano: “It’s 40 years old, and we’re trying to create a different concept, you know, a real experience. It’s gonna be an outrageous looking place.”

Take your last look at the flying machines painted on the dining room walls, the airplane windows in the bar and the photos in the walk of fame.

They won’t be making the cut, but the place is called Runway 84, after all.

Marc Falsetto: “We’re still gonna have all the same nostalgia of Anthony’s Runaway 84, so we’re still gonna have the airplane theme, in the nostalgia, in the artwork, you’re gonna see it incorporated throughout the restaurant, but it’s gonna be in a special way.”

You know what’s not changing? The soul of the restaurant.

Marc Falsetto: “The food is gonna remain the same, the staff, the personnel, and everything that everyone loves about Runway is still gonna be here. We’re just gonna have a few special touches.”

Anthony’s last night of business is this Thursday.

It’ll re-open in a few months.

Now’s your chance to chow down, raise a glass to an old friend and say, “See you soon.”

Marc Falsetto: “May 12 is a celebration. It’s dubbed ‘The Last Supper’ but only for the summer. Come return back with us and come fly with us this fall.”

Scott “Dino” Udine: “Things change, and you want to get a little freshened up. I’m totally for it as long as the food stays the same, you get some of the same waiters, the same service, it’s good by me.”

FOR MORE INFO: Anthony’s Runway 84330 W. State Rd 84Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315www.runway-84.com