Framingham State University football player signs with Seattle Seahawks

A Framingham State University football player is about to make his dream a reality.

Joshua Onujiogu recently signed an NFL contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

The 24-year-old Wareham native said it is something he’s dreamed about since he was a little kid and Onujio said that Seattle felt like a good place to start.

“Even since I was in Pop Warner, it was never, ‘Oh I’m just playing to have fun, I’m playing to be with my friends.’ It was, ‘Oh every time I step on the field I need to do good because I need to make it to the NFL,’” he said. “When I went on the visit …it felt good. It felt like my new home.”

The two-time defensive player of the year said he had to put in extra work because of the challenges Division III schools face. He is only one of two players from a DIII school to get a contract after the NFL draft.

His advice to young athletes is to keep playing your best, work hard and opportunities will come.