Map: Route of fugitives Vicky White and Casey White

When Alabama jailer Vicky White and the inmate she fled with were captured Monday evening in Evansville, Indiana, they had been on the run for 10 days.

Their whereabouts are not known for a few days after the afternoon of their disappearance — Friday, April 29 — but it is believed they had been in Evansville, at Indiana’s southern tip, since Tuesday, May 3.

The map above shows some confirmed points.

1. April 29, 9:40 a.m. Lauderdale County Jail, Florence, Alabama. Vicky White and inmate Casey White left the jail together in a patrol car. Vicky White had said she was taking him to the courthouse for an appointment and then going on by herself for medical care. Neither of those appointments was real.

2. April 29, before 10 a.m. Florence Square parking lot. The pair left the patrol car and got into a copper-colored 2007 Ford Edge that Vicky White had recently bought. Jail authorities did not realize until about 3:30 p.m. that the pair was missing.

3. April 29, before 2 p.m. Intersection of Smithson and Banner Adams roads, in a rural area off Interstate 65 near Bethesda, Tenn., about 100 miles from Florence. The Ford Edge was reported abandoned around 2 p.m. and was towed at 2:37 p.m. On Thursday, May 5, around 11 p.m., the U.S. Marshal’s Office was notified that the car was in the Williamson County tow lot. Somebody had made an aborted attempt to spray-paint it: There was dark green or black paint on one rear fender.

4. May 3, around 2 p.m. Weinbach Car Wash, Evansville, Indiana. Surveillance video recorded a man resembling Casey White with a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup truck that had Tennessee plates. He was picked up by someone in a gray Cadillac sedan, and the truck was left at the car wash. The manager notified law enforcement about the abandoned truck on Sunday, May 8.

5. May 9. Motel 41, Evansville. A sighting of the Cadillac led an officer to the motel (formerly a Motel 6) about 5 miles from the car wash — and less than a half-mile from the sheriff’s office. It was later learned that the pair had been staying there since Tuesday, May 3, and had paid for two weeks in advance. On the evening of Monday, May 9, an officer saw Vicky White, wearing a wig, leaving the motel. Casey White is thought to have been driving as officers pursued the Cadillac north on Highway 41.

6. After a pursuit of about 2½ miles, the Cadillac turned off the highway at Anchor Industries, a factory that makes awnings. On Burch Road, a short dead-end street that runs alongside the factory’s lawn, a law-enforcement vehicle rammed the Cadillac and sent it crashing into a shallow ditch.

Vicky White was found in the crashed car with an apparently self-inflicted bullet wound to her head. She was pronounced dead at a hospital. Casey White, who was injured in the crash, was taken into custody and will be extradited back to Alabama.

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