Reckless driver to face charges after crash left 1 dead in Miami

A woman has been arrested days after a fiery wreck ended in tragedy.

Flowers, candles and teddy bears mark the spot where a young woman was killed in a fiery crash, and 21-year-old Shamonni Alexandre, who survived the crash, now faces felony charges.

According to police, Alexandre slammed into another vehicle after running a red light at Northeast 82nd Street and Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.  

It all began in North Bay Village, around 4 a.m. Friday, when police said Alexandre refused to stop for police.

“They were going really fast, and once they got to the bridge, the police officers from North Bay Village stopped pursuit,” said Aaron Vanderpool, a witness.

Part of the crash was caught on camera, with the vehicle engulfed in flames.

Shereka Oriscar, 22, died inside her mangled car. Good Samaritans were able to pull Alexandre from her burning vehicle, and she was taken to the hospital.

It turns out she should have never been behind the wheel. Alexandre’s arrest report states, “… the defendant’s driver’s license is not valid due to seven suspensions …”

“She doesn’t have a valid driver’s license,” said a prosecutor during court.

On Monday, a judge found justification for two felony charges against Alexandre, including driving without a license and causing death and vehicular  homicide. 

“There’s probable cause,” said Judge Mindy S. Glazer during court.

According to the arrest report, Alexandre had broken bones and fractures. Once she’s released from the hospital, she will be booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.