Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Juice Titan and Best-Selling Author Ross Franklin

Known as “The King of Juice,” Ross Franklin is a best-selling author, Forbes Next 1000 entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of Pure Green Franchise, one of the fastest-growing juice bar franchises in the United States. Franklin founded Pure Green in 2014 in New York City and he developed Pure Green into an omni-channel company with a wholesale division that has thousands of accounts throughout the United States including over 50 professional sports teams.

According to Franklin, “Many founders and CEOs wonder how they can increase their company’s results tenfold, and they misguidedly look to external means. One of the most effective ways that leaders can impact their company and those around them is by internal means.”

Franklin provides the following 3 leadership skills for entrepreneurs to massively increase results:

Focus on Personal Development

According to Franklin: The best leaders are constantly focused on improving and fine-tuning their skillsets. In our modern world, information is more accessible than ever, not only through traditional books, but also through audio books, podcasts, online articles, online seminars and live seminars. Throughout my career, I’ve always sought to improve as a leader by constantly learning from world-class leaders, leadership courses and all the personal-development tools mentioned above.

I always encourage our leaders at Pure Green to focus on personal development. As cheesy as it sounds, leaders are readers. Some people roll their eyes when they hear that and make excuses like, “I don’t have the time to read.” The truth is, with that excuse, personal development is not being prioritized. When you are commuting to work or traveling on a plane, why not listen to an audio book or business podcast? Even if your commute is only ten minutes each way and you listen to an audio book 20 minutes a day, over time, you will gain valuable insights that can help you improve as a leader.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis and Focus on Execution

According to Franklin: Are you a generalized thinker, or are you more of a detailed thinker? I have always been a “big picture” guy, looking at the broad strokes rather than obsessing over details. I am focused on achieving results and how to achieve them strategically and rapidly. Building a successful organization requires both kinds of thinking, but an over-focus on details can lead to what I call “analysis paralysis.” Many leaders overthink, which inhibits their ability to make decisions swiftly. Taking too long to make decisions can significantly slow a company’s growth and cost opportunities.

A leader’s focus should be heavily weighted on execution. Shoot first, aim later. Yes, mistakes can be easily made with this approach, but if you learn from the mistakes, you can always course correct. I seek results, and I keep what is working and drop what is not working. People follow leaders that are bold and make swift decisions. I urge you to embrace this philosophy and measure the effect that it has on your company. 

Surround Yourself with the Right People

According to Franklin: It is said that the average annual income of the five people that you spend the most time with is equivalent to your annual income. Whether this is accurate for you or not, the foundation of spending more time with people who are driven, passionate about what they do and have positive mindsets will certainly impact you in a positive way.

Spending a great deal of time with people who constantly complain and are Debbie-downers tends to negatively impact our mood and drain us of our energy. I choose to surround myself, both personally and professionally, with people that inspire me every day and light me up with energy. I urge you to be aware of the impact that those around you have on your mood, creativity and energy.

At Pure Green, we don’t allow people into the organization that bring us down. Both in hiring team members for our corporate team or in awarding franchises to franchisees, we look for people that radiate positive energy, have a sincere belief in our mission and are passionate and driven to succeed.

Franklin has additional techniques and strategies for entrepreneurs to enhance their skillsets within the pages of his best-selling book The Founder Success Formula.

Image of Franklin’s best-selling book, The Founder Success Formula

In his company Pure Green Franchise, Franklin’s mission is to build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods. With such insightful and impactful strategies that he provides in his book, it is clear that Franklin is bound for extraordinary success.

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