‘It Can Be Terrifying’: Mother’s Milk Bank Works To Help Families In Crisis Amid Baby Formula Shortage

DENVER (CBS4) – More families in the Denver metro area are being affected by the nationwide baby formula shortage. The baby formula aisle was markedly empty on Tuesday afternoon at an Arvada King Soopers off Sheridan. Just down the road, an organization is hoping to help moms and dads who are dealing with this reality.

(credit: CBS)

“When that food is not available, it can be absolutely terrifying,” said Heinrich, Director of Mother’s Milk Bank. The Milk Bank collects, tests, pasteurizes, and provides donor human milk to those in need.

She told CBS4’s Mekialaya White her non-profit has seen the direct impact of supply chain issues and the Abbott formula recall. “The formula shortage affected us first. Some of the medication formulas are specifically in the recall. But beyond that, it’s really grown, and the community is definitely in crisis right now,” said Heinrich.

That’s why her team works daily in-house to combat the issue. She says the Milk Bank would be grateful for any donations, which are a critical resource for parents. Every ounce counts, and it can save lives.

“We would be so grateful to accept milk from moms who have more milk than her baby needs,” said Heinrich.

“The ability to feed your baby so they can grow and thrive is of the utmost importance. We want to make sure every baby has the opportunity, regardless of circumstances. That can include adoption, surrogacy, our whole family here in the state of Colorado,” Heinrich said.

If you’re a lactating mom who wants to help, the process is like a blood donation. There will be a brief screening and testing process beforehand.

Lactating moms can sign up to donate now online or call the Milk Bank directly to set up an appointment: 303-869-1888.