Video captures party balloons on yacht popped, dumped into Biscayne Bay at Coconut Grove marina

Plastic debris from dozens of popped party balloons carelessly ending up as litter in Biscayne Bay has people upset.

Footage of the bad behavior has caused online outrage.

Just off of Coconut Grove, around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, video was taken of people on board a yacht, near the Bayshore Landing marina, popping party balloons and improperly disposing the decor.

Around 200 balloons were attached to the 58-foot vessel.

After an event, a chartered party, instead of properly disposing the balloons, the crew members on board began popping the balloons with knives, letting the debris fall into Biscayne Bay.

Those who witnessed the act and work on the water took exception and recorded the incident to post on to social media.

One witness spoke to 7News about the environmental hazard.

“Don’t pop your balloons outside. Don’t throw anymore trash into the water,” said Miami Maritime Group’s Esteban Bruno. “Take the high road, take it inside, pop it inside and throw them away like normal, civilized human beings. You know, it’s our oceans, and we got to protect them.”

Bruno shared the video on social media.

“I remember checking my phone probably an hour after I posted it and was like, ‘Whoa, this is exploding.’ Seeing videos online and whatnot of manatees eating balloons and sea turtles eating balloons, fish eating balloons, I’m an avid fisherman myself and have actually cut open certain types of mahi-mahi offshore and whatnot, when we do go fishing, and I’ve had them come out with pieces of plastic, bottle caps, even little tips of balloons, as well, in their stomachs.”

Dumping balloons into the ocean is illegal.

Many members of law enforcement were tagged in the original social media post, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other members of the boating/yachting communities.