Wednesday’s Child: Sisters Anabelle and Tabitha

(MARE) – Anabelle and Tabitha are sisters of Caucasian descent who are looking to be adopted together. The older sister, Anabelle, is described by those who know her best as sociable, likable and outgoing with her peers. She enjoys being outside, playing sports and watching videos on YouTube. Her foster parents say that she is well behaved in the home and is helpful around the house. At school, Anabelle is said to be quiet, sweet and hard-working. She talks about school enthusiastically and particularly enjoys group work and science class. There are no behavioral concerns in class and she does not receive any extra supports.

Tabitha is the more outgoing and energetic of the two sisters and enjoys painting her nails, getting dressed up, and working on arts & crafts projects. Tabitha prefers to be active outside, rather than doing things like watching movies where she has to sit still for long periods of time. Tabitha presents as younger than her age and enjoys playing with younger children, as well as playing with toys geared towards younger age groups, particularly dolls. At school, Tabitha sometimes needs reminders to stay on task. She is working below grade-level and is currently being evaluated to see if she might benefit from extra academic supports.

Anabelle and Tabitha are very close and must be placed together. Their sister, Lilyann (DOB 2020), is also going to be referred and will need to be placed with Anabelle and Tabitha. Their social worker feels that they will do best in a family with two-parents where they can be the only children in the home. Their social worker is also open to considering homes with children that are much older than the girls (teenagers or young adults). An ideal home environment will be able to offer the girls a structured routine and the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular opportunities.

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