1 Killed During Second Night Of Dangerous Storms In Minnesota

MURDOCK, Minn. (WCCO) — A second night of dangerous weather has turned deadly.

The National Weather Service says a grain bin fell on a car just before 7 p.m. Thursday in Blomkest in Kandiyohi County, killing a passenger inside.

A possible tornado also touched down two hours north of there in Pillager. Around that time, strong storms blew into towns like Murdock near Willmar. A WCCO crew were in Willmar when, at 6:30 p.m., they witnessed a line of wind roar through and topple several trees.

Winds also blew semis off the road in Alexandria. Parts of eastbound Interstate 94 are blocked late Thursday night while crews work to help the drivers.

Those storms then marched across the state to St. Cloud, whipping the rain sideways on the highway. The wind got so bad near our South Dakota border, it kicked up giant dust clouds, making travel difficult.

(credit: Lindsay Van Meeteren)

The worst damage WCCO crews have seen so far Thursday night hit towns and farms in western Minnesota.

In Alberta, just west of Morris, Nick and Amanda Elms say the wind toppled 70-foot-tall grain silos, turning them into piles of rubble.

WCCO heard about damage in Murdock, and along the way our crew saw a few train cars turned on their sides, derailed by the wind.

This dairy farm near Murdock, MN was hit by tonight’s storms. Neighbors tell us they were in the process of moving thousands of cows to a different facility. @WCCO #nextweather pic.twitter.com/BBU4wDrfXF

— Erin Hassanzadeh WCCO (@erinreportsTV) May 13, 2022

In Murdock, a seed barn was hit hard. The family of six hunkered in the basement as the storms swept through, while the dad Jesse Olson watched the roof fly off and the walls crumple at the hands of those strong winds.

“It hit. As soon as I ran inside I looked over my shoulder. The roof and everything start folding over and everything else in the yard’s getting destroyed and ran downstairs. By the time I got downstairs it was pretty much done, so I came back up and saw all this disaster,” Olson said.

This is the Olson family seed barn. No match for tonight’s storms in Murdock

The dad is also part of the fire dept so he was going out on calls AND dealing with this. He said the stuff in there isn’t supposed to get wet. This could set his farmer customers back. @WCCO #nextwx pic.twitter.com/Z7yA9DzAyx