Driver speaks out after Good Samaritans save her life in Boynton Beach

A driver who suffered a medical emergency during midday traffic got the chance to thank the people who helped her.

Laurie Rabyor was behind the wheel when she became unconscious and drove through the middle of an intersection, last Thursday.

She mentioned how grateful she is for the good samaritans that helped her.

“My daughters are so grateful for you,” said Rabyor.

A woman in a green shirt hands a dumbbell to a man and smashed the window of her car in an attempt to remove Rabyor from the vehicle.

Footage shows where her car took the damage so someone can climb inside to unlock the door from the inside.

“And I’d like to give the lady back her dumbbell too because it was still in my car,” said Rabyor.

A combination of high blood pressure pills and fasting before a medical procedure led her to feel dizzy.

Rabyor then tried to pull over.

“When I started to pull in is when I went out and started to convulse and hit the curb and went,” said Rabyor, “So no, I didn’t wake up till the next day.”

She said the efforts of the good samaritans saved her life.

“Thank you so much. I-I don’t know how to thank you,” said Rabyor, “I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy y’all a boat.”

She hopes this act of kindness inspires others to help one another.

“The comments I’ve seen are people saying it brought a tear to their eyes and [I’m] so happy to see that the community can come together and people can come together again.”

Boynton Beach Police have been able to identify several of the good samaritans that helped Rabynor and they all plan to reunite with her soon.