Worker Trapped In Collapsed Trench

BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Brighton Fire Department is working a technical rescue on Peregrine Dr. Early reports indicate that at least one person is trapped in a trench that collapsed.

(credit CBS)

In a news briefing at the scene, Chief Garrison of the Bright Fire Department said that a company was digging down to a sewer line at 1910 Peregrine Dr.  At about 1:00 p.m., the company noticed the need for shoring, and as they were pulling their crew member out of the trench it collapsed.

The company called 911 immediately and the North Area Tech Rescue Team was able to respond quickly. The team is made up of fire fighters from six departments, who are specially trained in this kind of technical rescue.

“While that’s happening, of course, that’s a big draw on resources for the rest of our community, so we’re making sure that we’re bringing in some other fire departments to cover the rest of the calls that are happening in the community,” Garrison explained.

For this kind of a rescue, trench rescue operators have to shore up the walls do that they can get in there. At the same time there is a vac truck which is sucking the dirt out of the hole with the hope of finding the trapped person.

“It’s a very meticulous unearthing to bring that person out of that hole,” Garrison told CBS4.

Crews believe that there is one person trapped in the trench. Garrison said they are working as hard and as fast as they can to bring that person to safety, but it has been over an hour since the collapsed happened.

“It’s a real deep hole, and it’s kind of a tough circumstance,” Garrison said.