Franks: Does border crisis help Democrats win elections?

Threat to our Democracy? The major problem for Democrats is that they have not won the white vote in presidential elections since 1964. Today, most Americans were not alive to see it.

I wonder what Democrats would do to win elections. After all their willingness to give over $53 million to extreme Republican candidates during Republican primaries to boost their chances of winning in the general election is a new low in politics.

Now, their use of the border crisis?

Every year America allows around 1 million legal immigrants to enter America. The crisis at our porous border is forecast to reach a record 2 million encounters with illegal migrants. There is an unknown number of them who successfully entered the U.S. under President Biden.

It is sad, cynical and regrettable that it took the acts of GOP governors in border states and Florida to actually get the attention of the liberal media and the White House.

The classic limousine liberals were exposed. It is okay for illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. but not “here” (in my backyard). The transporting of illegal immigrants to Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C., has been a constructive approach to drawing attention to the matter. However, transporting illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard was special indeed and got everyone’s attention.

While in control of Congress, the Democrats have never introduced a bill to address the surge of illegal immigrants at the Mexican border.

The president and his appointed border czar — Vice President Kamala Harris — have done little to solve the problem. In fact, Harris has stated the border is secure.

Numerous elected Democrats contradict Harris.

As generous of a nation as we are, there is a process for entry. An economic reason is not enough to skip the line set forth for legal entry. Our border towns are overwhelmed. Question: When will it stop?

I applaud the efforts of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Folks are playing the U.S. as suckers! Or Democrats see them as future Democrat voters as they continue to lose the white vote, election after election.

Then when you consider the states most affected by the illegal immigrant surges — Arizona, Texas and Florida — look at what they have in common. They are all pivotal to a Republican victory in a presidential race. It is hard to impossible to see a path that a Republican presidential candidate can take without winning these states.

In presidential elections Black Americans have been the difference by giving a customary 90+% of the Black vote to the Democrat candidate for president. Thus, with an exceedingly high Black voter turnout, and despite their loss of the white vote in every single presidential election, the Democrats gain a victory.

Perhaps the Democrats feel that if they can ingratiate themselves with illegal immigrants coming from Latin America — by giving them access to the fruits, benefits, freedoms and opportunities that all Americans enjoy — the Democrats can develop gratitude among Latino voters that could be just enough to flip Arizona, Texas and Florida in their favor for decades to come.

Let’s look at the numbers from the Roper Center for Public Opinion. Here are the white vote percentages when the Democrats have won presidential races: 1976 — Carter 48% vs. Ford 52%; 1992 — B. Clinton 39% vs. G.H.W. Bush 41; 1996 — B. Clinton 44% vs. Dole 46%; 2008 — Obama 43% vs. McCain 55%; 2012 — Obama 39% vs. Romney 59%; 2016 — H. Clinton 37% vs. Trump 57%; 2020 — Biden 41% vs. Trump 58%.

In Democratic wins in the 21st century nearly 60% of white people supported the Republican candidate. Is this healthy for a true democracy to have the majority population’s wishes thwarted every single election cycle?

Gary Franks served three terms as U.S. representative for Connecticut’s 5th District. He was the first Black Republican elected to the House in nearly 60 years and New England’s first Black member of the House. He is the host of the podcast “We Speak Frankly.” Follow him on Twitter @GaryFranks.