Today’s Wordle Answer #469 – October 1, 2022 Solution And Hints

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The answer to in the present day’s Wordle puzzle (October 1, 2022 ) is “leave.” The phrase has a number of meanings, together with “to have as a remainder,” in a mathematical context; to bequeath or organize for another person to inherit your property after your demise; or to trigger one thing or somebody to stay in a sure situation (by way of Merriam-Webster,

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The phrase go away has roots (no pun supposed) in Old English “læfan” which suggests “to allow to remain in the same state or condition or allow to survive” or “to bequeath (a heritage).” It additionally has some origin in Proto-Germanic “laibjanan,” which suggests to go away or to be left over (by way of Etymonline,

It took most gamers 4.3 guesses to determine in the present day’s reply, however fortunately, it solely took us three, which is way faster than yesterday’s puzzle. We went with the phrase “brown” as our first guess, however that failed to show any tiles inexperienced. Then we repented of our revolt chosen towards expert-recommended Wordle beginning phrases and WordleBot’s present favourite, “slate”, as our second guess. That paid off, and offered sufficient information for us to guess the reply appropriately on the third attempt. We hope you arrive on the reply a lot quicker!


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