‘It happened real quick, real fast’: collision between car and Green Line train in Boston suspends afternoon service

An accident near the Boston University Bridge between a car and a Green Line train led to suspended service Wednesday.

Around 3:00 p.m. an outbound Green Line train collided with a sedan, causing extensive damage to the car.

The driver of the blue Maserati involved in the crash confirmed everyone who had been in the car at the time was safe. They had been on their way to visit family for Thanksgiving, and were picking up their son, a student at Boston University. Everyone in the car had to exit the car through the front passenger side, due to the damage.

“It happened real quick, fast and quick,” Larry, the driver said. “Feeling okay now, we’re tough people.”

Earlier, the MBTA Twitter account said service was suspended between Blandford Street and Babcock Street, later extending the shutdown to all stops between Kenmore and Packards Corner. Officials had asked riders to use the 57 bus for service between the stops.

Service has since resumed for the train, and the road had not closed for the accident.

There were no injuries reported. In fact, a man who said he was on the train at the time of the collision said passengers did not realize what happened until the conductor announced the collision with a car over the PA system.