Difficulty removing the gallbladder

Gallbladder is just as important as the rest of the organs in a person’s body. Gallbladder stores bile. When we eat food, the gallbladder works to send bile into the digestive system, making it easier to digest food. But when too much cholesterol accumulates in the gallbladder, stones begin to form. Due to which the person has to face many problems and then have to remove the gallbladder. However, the gallbladder is an organ you can live without. Because bile, in large quantities, can leave your liver and pass through your bile ducts into your intestines instead of going through the gallbladder. This is why most people have it removed when they have gallbladder problems. But let me tell you, there are many side effects after gallbladder removal. So let’s know about them.

Gallbladder removal side effects

Stomach ache –

After removal of the gallbladder, a person may have abdominal pain for a long time. Stomach pain may be more after eating too many times. Many times people also have problems with food digestion. In such a situation a person should try to eat normal food.

Constipation problems

A person may have problems with constipation after gallbladder removal. This happens because the person is not able to digest food properly and the metabolism slows down. In such cases, to cure this problem, eat fiber-rich foods such as beans, bran flour, whole grains, and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

Fatigue and mood swings

After gallbladder removal, a person may feel tired, irritable, and have mood swings for a long time. All these can happen due to drugs and poor digestive function of the body. In such situations ask your doctor to take proper diet.

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