From briefcase to tablet, this is how the presentation of the budget changed

The general budget for the financial year 2023-24 is going to be presented on February 1. The presentation of the budget started with a briefcase and after that there were many changes in its presentation.

Our country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the general budget for the financial year 2023-24 on February 1. The journey of budget presentation started with a briefcase and then there were many changes in it. Budget is considered very important. In the last nine years, the government of our country has changed many traditions related to the budget. So let’s know some special things about it.

Journey from red briefcase to ledger

Let us tell you that since the time of the British, the tradition of presenting the budget in a leather briefcase is going on. This tradition has been going on since 1947, but in the year 2019, Nirmala Sitharaman changed the way of presenting the budget.

To give the budget an Indian touch, she brought it to Parliament in the form of a ledger instead of a red briefcase, wrapped in a red cloth. On this change in the interview, it was said that ‘the country’s budget is actually the country’s ledger, so they have changed the form of the budget’.

In 1947, RK Shanmukham Chetty, India’s first finance minister, carried a leather portfolio bag for budget presentations.

budget introduced in tablet

In the year 2018, the Indian government made a slight change in this and presented the budget through the tablet. It was also called the form of Digital India. Let us tell you that instead of the traditional book, the budget was read on a tablet. It was a completely paperless budget. (Housewives can save like this)

In the year 2021, the budget was not printed and everyone was given a soft copy of the budget. This virtual budget was also put on the website of the Lok Sabha. Not only this, this budget was made available only online to the MPs and the general public as well.

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Mobile app also launched

Let us tell you that the Indian government had also launched the Union Budget Mobile App. Everyone in India can read the budget with the help of this app. This change was made in the budget presentation keeping in mind the need of the times over the decades.

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