Today you can watch any movie for just 99 rupees, know the details about the offer

DNA Hindi: Movie Lover’s Day: After the National Film Day, there is a heated discussion about Cinema Lover’s Day. PVR Cinemas has brought a special offer on this occasion. On January 20 i.e. today, all tickets will be priced at Rs 99 at PVR theaters in India, which is much lower than the normal ticket price. However, apart from PVR, many other multiplex chains are also offering such amazing offers. The special thing is that this offer is applicable on any film and any show.

PVR informed about this offer in a tweet. He wrote that on January 20, 23, people will be able to watch the film on PVR for just Rs 99. This offer is applicable for any movie, any show. However, this offer is applicable in select cities in India, including all metro cities

You can watch this movie

Meanwhile, no big film was released. Although you can go watch ‘Avatar 2’ or ‘Drishtim 2’. Both the films are doing great business at the box office. Apart from these, you have also seen Dog, Wolf, Warisu, Thunivu and Telugu hit Voltaire Veeraiya.

Also, last year’s blockbuster The Kashmir Files was also re-released in theaters on Thursday. You too can make up your mind to watch this film for Rs.99.

The offer is valid for one day only

This offer is valid for one day only. Although not available in small towns. Also, premium recliner seats in theaters will not cost Rs 99. However, most halls have reduced their prices by Rs 199 (before tax).

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Dhansu received an offer on National Film Day

The Multiplex Association of India and cinema halls across the country celebrated National Cinema Day on 16 September. To make the day more special and attract people to the theaters, movie tickets were sold at Rs.75. This offer was implemented in a chain of around 4000 theaters across the country.

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