Corona infection population 80% China second wave unlikely

New Delhi: Due to Corona, people’s lives in China have been completely disrupted. Corona has wreaked havoc in the country after easing the zero Covid policy. Meanwhile, Chinese government scientists said today, Saturday, that with 80% of the people infected, it is unlikely that Covid 19 will rise again in China in the next two to three months.

A chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said the Lunar New Year holiday, which saw an increase in the number of tourists, could spread the epidemic and lead to an increase in infections in some areas, but a second No possible Covid wave. He said this on the Weibo social media platform.

Infection can spread in rural areasLet me tell you that China has lifted almost all restrictions. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people see each other. This has slightly increased the risk of spreading the infection in rural areas. Exceeded. Increased.

China has not released exact figuresAbout a month after China abruptly ended its Covid-free policy, 60,000 people with Covid had died in hospitals by January 12, according to government data. However, some experts say the figure is inaccurate because it only covers those who die in hospital and does not count those who die at home.

WHO released a report on ThursdayThe number of Covid-infected people in China has increased by 70% compared to last week to 63,307, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO released a weekly magazine on Thursday that said more deaths were recorded in China on January 15. Media reports said in early December that Beijing was infected with a new type of virus after widespread protests. Coronavirus testing, travel bans, and lockdowns ended abruptly.


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Saturday, January 21, 2023

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