Jackie Bhagnani reacts to Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar’s charges: ‘Comparing apples to oranges…’

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Bollywood celebrities are often in the news from their lavish lifestyle to their fees. Recently, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan had an argument about their fees. According to reports, Akshay Kumar earned double the royalties for Katputli than Shahrukh Khan’s Patan. In this situation, now producer Jackie Bhagnani has reacted to Shahrukh and Akshay’s fee.

How were the payment reports…In fact, there were reports that Akshay Kumar received a fee of 120 million for Kathputli, which was 80% of the film’s budget. It may be recalled that Katputli Shahrukh Khan received a fee of Rs 35-40 crore for Pathan and also got a share of the film’s profits. Reacting to this, Jackie said, “Whoever reported these bills and actors’ fees is completely misinformed. Every major actor in the industry now has a share of the profits.

50-80 percent share of the film’s profit…Jackie says that now almost every major actor gets 50-80 percent share apart from the film’s royalties. Jackie said, “His total fee depends on how much the film earns at the box office. That’s how it works, be it Shah Rukh, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, almost all big actors. Comparing one actor’s fee to another, you can’t is like comparing oranges with .

Jackie’s fourth film with Akshay.During the interview, Jackie did not directly respond to Akshay Kumar’s remuneration, but said that any actor’s remuneration requirement is determined by his long working hours and the delivery of hit films. Finally, Jackie said, “I can’t really comment on anyone else, but I am doing my 4th film as Akshay sir producer and I feel it is fairest in terms of remuneration.

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