Dry Now, Next Storm Enroute

Once that rain flipped to snow yesterday, snow rates were quite impressive for a few hours as a quick 2-6″ of snow fell across a good swath of Southern New England.

Unfortunately, it coincided with the evening commute, but also did leave a pretty winter scene for us to enjoy. Expect a nice sunrise with snow coated grounds and trees this morning. With temps below freezing, untreated surfaced will be slick too. Highs today recover into the upper 30s to near 40. There will be a busy breeze too, gusting 20-30mph, adding a bit of a chill to the air. Overall, a decent afternoon for ski lessons or for the kids to hit the sledding hills, if you town picked up several inches of snow. Yeh, a bit of melting will take place, but not all of it will melt.

Tomorrow, we’ll track another storm in here. This time, it’s snow to rain vs the last storm which was rain to snow. Snow starts between 2-4pm, and comes down steadiest right before and during the evening commute.

After that, snow flips to rain from south to north. Even in the higher terrain, the snow will change to ice then rain. Most locations pick up 1-3″ of snow, with higher totals across the interior, before the flip to a soaking rain. That rain will be heavy at times at night, tapering off early Thursday morning. Winds get gusty too tomorrow night across southeast Mass, gusting to 40-50mph as temps spike to 50.

Once the storm wraps up, the pattern does look quiet from tomorrow midday, through the weekend.