Seal wanders through Maine neighborhood during snowstorm

A seal was spotted wandering through Cape Elizabeth, Maine during Monday’s snowstorm.

An officer found the seal in the middle of the street and took him back to the ocean, but the seal was determined to explore cavillation and was found a few hours later on a resident’s lawn.

Police teamed up with a Good Samaritan to scoop up the seal and release him on the beach for the second time. However, just an hour later, the mischievous mammal was found exploring the mark next to the beach.

The seal was brought back to the ocean again and eventually taken to a rehab center, where he spent the rest of the day sleeping and suckling on his flippers.

This seal may have bee inspired by Schubert the seal, who spent weeks in Beverly’s Shoe Pond before being relocated to Rhode Island. Schubert then returned to Beverly in October.

Marine Mammals of Maine says the seal they helped on Monday was also seen around town one day earlier. They say he recently weaned from his mom, so they’re taking care of him until he builds up strength and can be re-released into the wild.